Product: Personal Device Launcher (PDL)

ERP softwear, quality control, ERP inventory, Personal Device Launcher Personal Device Launcher (PDL) is Byte's Real-Time Wireless Barcode Control remote assess software that utilizes a PDA with Pocket PC 2003 technology. This real-time application uses a wireless network and web interface to provide real-time remote assess to the BYTE database via the internet or intranet. This wireless approach to access and update data allows both internal and external sources to maintain perpetual raw material inventory control, quality control of WIP and finished goods, and finished goods inventory control for Byte's entire ERP Software Suite. If your company requires a flexible, feature-packed, remote access option, the Personal Device Launcher is for you.

ERP softwear, quality control, ERP inventory, Personal Device Launcher ERP softwear, quality control, ERP inventory, Personal Device Launcher
  • Uses a wireless network and web interface to provide real-time remote access to the BYTE database via intranet or Internet: This .NET-enabled technology provides an integrated database solution for both location and long distant facilities.
  • Multi-language interface: Program screens and data can be used in English, Turkish, and Spanish to facilitate Global Sourcing using all of Byte'sERP Software Suite.
  • Real-time data verification and updating: Data is verified and updated as it is entered to ensure data integrity. Also allows users to access data and reports based on real-time updated information.
  • Restrict data by partner: A Partner filter option restricts the user logging into the database to only access their inventory.


  • Find Inventory: Find any roll or trim item by querying on the scanner.
  • Inventory Adjustments: Adjust, transfer, consume, or split rolls or cases to adjust inventory.
  • Picking: Scan Pull Sheets to display material requirements for an order and scan each item out of inventory.
  • Advanced Ship Notice: If your vendor uses EDI voluntary standards, you can enter an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) into the system and scan the incoming goods when they arrive.
  • Physical and Cycle Counts: Take a physical count, quickly and accurately by scanning inventory on hand.
  • In-Line Inspection: Inspect a bundle during the manufacturing process so quality issues can be sent to repair or rejected as they occur.
  • Final Inspection: Inspect a bundle at the end of the manufacturing process prior to transferring to Finished Goods Inventory.
  • Variable Inspection: Inspect product based upon predetermined measurements and their tolerances.
  • Pack Finished Good Cases from WIP: Scan individual units as they exit the production line into a Finished Goods case.
  • Inventory Adjustments: Adjust, transfer, or consume cases by scanning inventory cases.
  • Shipping: Attach inventory Cases or case individual units into a shipping case to be shipped to the customer


  • Central database is accessible worldwide, real-time.
  • Operates on Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS (Windows 2000 / WIN NT / WIN XP)
  • Client access is through Pocket-PC wireless devices or Internet browser.
  • 802.11 Wireless networking standard with up to 128 bit encryption
  • Byte Application Agent provides scalable, secure access to central database from anywhere in the world through an internet connection.
  • PDL is a data driven web application built on industry standards utilizing .NET, ASP, JAVA and XML
ERP softwear, quality control, ERP inventory, Customer Order Processing
  • The three servers may be one two or three servers on the same computer depending on capacity and load of a particular site.
  • PDAs and Touch Clocks use IIS (Internet Information Services) to collect and prepare data for the SQL database. The Touch Clock data is processed by IIS regardless of whether it is connected via Ethernet, wireless or Internet.
  • Since PDAs do not usually have a great deal of processing power, this function is handled by the Web Manager. The Web Manager can process for multiple PDAs and additional Web Managers can be added for heavy traffic.
  • Depending on capacity and traffic, the Web Manager may be run in the background of multiple work stations or on its dedicated computer