MODAPTS at a glance
Numbers appended to each element represent degree of the action. Motions are normally described by pairs of elements, e.g. M4G3, M4P2.
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                    standard data engineering, standard data, costing, Modsew Byte Software's Industrial Engineering product is MODSEW® AccuRate™. MODSEW® AccuRate™ is a methods-oriented standard data engineering system that produces consistent, reliable pre-production and production time standards for manufacturing, distribution and processing facilities. MODSEW, based on the predetermined time and motion study system, MODAPTS, is easy to learn and use. MODSEW enables method analysts to classify and describe each motion required to perform a given operation and set the standard allowed minutes. MODSEW can be integrated with Byte's Incentive Payroll Software, thus eliminating any double entry and maintenance.

Say goodbye to the days of stop watch time studies and the inaccuracy of operator performance ratings. Set fair, objective and consistent time standards using pre-defined data. MODSEW helps improve working relationships by clearly defining all job assignments and expectations.

That are essential to effectively manage production in a manufacturing environment.
  • Easy to learn: Can be mastered in one week of training vs. months for systems that require hundreds of time values. Unlike MTM, the time value is a part of the MODAPTS code, i.e., M3 = 3 MODS.
  • Numbers appended to each element represent degree of the action. Motions are normally described by pairs of elements, e.g. M4G3, M4P2
    • M - Move
    • G - Get
    • P - Put
  • 1 MOD equals .00215 Minutes
    • The MODAPTS structure for the MODSEW code GOO - Get One part, One hand, is m3G3, m3p0
    • By adding the 3+3+3+0 = 9 X .00215 = .01935 Minutes
    • Values Vary -
      • The lower case m (Move) means that its value changes based on the reach to get and return the part.(Default value = 3 for GOO)
      • The lower case p (Put) means that its value changes based on accuracy needed to place the part.(Default value = 0 for GOO)
    • MODSEW does the calculations, you choose the code and select the variables.
      • GOO 4,1 results in m4G3 m4p1
      • Adding the 4+3+4+1 = 12 X .00215 = .0258 Minutes
    • Standard Codes Provided with the software, add your own custom codes as needed
  • Accurate and consistent: +5% at the 95% confidence level of the true mean. Brings consistency to rates determined by different engineers and in different plants.
  • Time Based MODSEW studies can be tied to pay rates for cost estimating or incentive payroll.
  • Fast Rate Changes: Since rates are based on standard allowed minutes, only the base rate needs to be updated, the minutes remain the same.
  • Improves plant balancing: Figure accurate loading for all departments and fair loading for every employee.
  • Determines rates fast: Many times faster than conventional time studies. Easily edited in minutes, and the universal update compresses days of work into a few minutes.
  • Improves engineering productivity: Frees key people to work on productivity problems, instead of earnings problems.
  • Fair rates: Accounts for every method or motion designed into the operation and no more.
  • Time Based MODSEW studies can be used for LINE BALANCING.
  • Emphasizes improved productivity: Spots deviations quickly through lost efficiency reports, enabling corrections to be made.
  • Builds stronger working relationships: Clearly defines all job assignments and expectations. Pay and performance are based on objective measures.
MODAPTS Software is the system of choice
MODSEW is a software adaptation of MODAPTS, or MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards. Developed in the 1960s, MODAPTS has been used to determine a "fair days work" for clerical workers, warehouse personnel, manufacturing and other business segments.

MODAPTS has been used around the world including Germany, Japan, England, Korea, Russia, New Zealand and 40 other countries. It has been used effectively by major companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Fisher-Price, Ford Motor Company and Oshkosh B'Gosh. Extensive use by supervisors themselves in planning their operations confirms its simplicity.

Price Waterhouse affirmed MODAPTS accuracy in comparison with other predetermined time systems and stopwatch time studies. This firm's extended study also found that MODAPTS could produce up to 20 standards per day, and that average supervisors and employees could understand and apply the system.

Includes 21 MODAPTS data elements (M, G, P, J, W,...)
Includes 50 pre-defined MODSEW Modules (GOO, GTO, DSO,...)
Unlimited user-defined Modules available
Accommodates sketches of operation and workplace layout by operation code
On-screen video playback while keying method analysis
Thread consumption calculation by operation and by style
Ability to add machine cycle time, or other cycle time to method
Special "PROCESS" formula to calculate time per process burst
One Time Module (OTM) capability for special situations that don't repeat
Rate/style update routine makes mass updates easy
Ability to fill-in data required by PAC, Byte's piecework system
Printed Documents
Operation Detail Report with operation sketch and workplace layout
Operation Summary Report
Operation Where-used Report
Model Bulletin
Consumable Report by Operation
Consumable Report by Model