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Sales are an integral part of the Supply Chain. Having the Sales initiatives in coordination with the forecasted demand can bring a significant obstacle to managing an effective and efficient supply chain. Most companies measure the sales produced through the vendors, distributors and suppliers, not looking forward to the final quantity sold to the end consumer.

Finding ways and having measurement tools in place to help keep a balanced sales pattern in place, reducing the variability of beginning and end-of-period sales, is crucial to help maintain more integrated information flow from the sales personnel to the manufacturing floor. Information processing as product moves through the different stages of the product lifecycle needs to be strong and reliable in order to also help in reducing variability in orders. Not putting these practices in place can lead to misinformation and the bullwhip effect as high variability gives the production and purchasing departments skewed information which can lead to higher costs and depleted available cash.

BYTE offers a Sales Solution for the Supply Chain which is integrated into the Manufacturing and Shop Floor, Purchasing and Inventory Management Solutions. This enables our clients to have access to more accurate information, frequent trend analyses as well as a closer relationship to the end consumer. The Sales Supply Chain Solution is made up of three offerings which can be used separately or in tandem. Customer Order Processing (COP) tracks and reports on customers, vendors, and consumers whether they initiate large quantity or one item sales. Business to Business (B2B) is a web-enabled solution to connect businesses to businesses to conduct sales and requests, inventory confirmation and purchase order processing instantly, 24/7. This solution is also available for Sales Representatives to track commissions, sales goals and clients. Finally, Business to Consumer (B2C) is a web-enabled solution which brings our clients in direct contact with the end consumer through websites with an integrated shopping cart.

These solutions can be integrated into our total Supply Chain Solution from Raw Materials through Finished Goods. Understanding the sell-through of products and how Sales affects the entire Supply Chain through powerful, integrated reporting and information is too important to continued growth and competitive advantage.