Product: Purchase Finished Goods (PFG)

apparel softwear, inventory control, apparel inventory, Purchase Finished Goods PDF
apparel softwear, inventory control, apparel inventory, Purchase Finished Goods Purchase Finished Goods (PFG) is Byte's module for purchasing and receiving both open and cased finished goods. It includes purchase orders, receivers, and inventory inspection. Purchase Finished Goods (PFG) is also integrated with Byte's Production Order Tracking (POT) and Finished Goods Inventory Control (FIC) modules. If using Production Order Tracking (POT) to track the purchase finished goods orders, then the Finished Goods Purchase Order will automatically be generated when the Production Order Tracking (POT) Production Order is created. If using Finished Goods Inventory Control (FIC) to inventory finished goods, the system will automatically update the finished goods on-hand inventory when the open or cased finished goods are received. If your company requires a flexible, feature-packed, finished goods purchasing system, Byte's Purchase Finished Goods (PFG) module is specifically designed for the style-size-color matrix for which the apparel software suite is so well known..
That are essential to effective Apparel Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing.

apparel softwear, inventory control, apparel inventory, Purchase Finished Goods
  • Issue and Receive Orders by Style/Color/Size: Create Purchase Order and issue receivers by Style/Color/Size.
  • Supplier Price Codes: Setup the prices for each supplier by Style/Color/Size for quick order creation.
  • Multi-Purchase Order Types: Create one-time orders, blanket, or release Purchase Orders.
  • Reduces carrying costs: Better purchase order management prevents over-ordering.
  • Better control in receiving: Ensure that goods are received against a purchase order 100% of the time.
  • Quick and easy ways to send Purchase Orders to the Supplier: Purchase orders can be printed or e-mailed.
  • Link the efforts of purchasing and production planning: Purchase Finished Goods is integrated with Byte's Finished Goods Inventory Control module to help manage on-hand inventory levels.
  • Provide the Supplier with accurate casing instructions: Print the finished goods case labels for the order to send to the supplier. This will instruct the Supplier on how the cases are to be cased.
  • Scan Cases when Receiving: By providing the print finished goods case labels for the order, the Supplier can then affix the case labels to the cases for your receiving department to scan using Byte's wireless Personal Device Launcher (PDL).
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PFG with FIC
PFG with POT
Store Supplier Prices by Style/Color/Size
Multi- Purchase Order Types: Standalone, Blanket, Release
Receiver requires PO option
Pre-print case labels to Supplier
Receive both open and cased goods into finished goods inventory
Auto-generate Finished Goods Purchase Orders when Production Order is created
Printed Documents
Purchase Order