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Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management within the Supply Chain is the business and engineering point of view in managing the descriptions and properties of a product throughout its useful life. The life cycle of a product is generally seen as forward moving, in that to continuously engage in competitive advantage, enhancements and design attributes are added, sometimes altering or changing the sub-assembly characteristics of a product. Thus it becomes essentially important to be able to engineer the changes to the product, incorporate costing models through “what if” scenarios in order to bring the enhanced product to market through Just in Time Manufacturing. The process of successfully managing a product lifecycle is more complex as the whole supply chain for a product could change based on the changing attributes or sub-assemblies.

The BYTE Product Lifecycle Management Solution enables our clients to engineer the specifications through Modsew (MOD) the different style, color and size (SKU) levels which in turn is integrated to communicate with the Costing and Merchandising (CAM) solution. This combination enables analytical and comparative costing to take place and a visual representation of components combined with operational, material and labor information shortens learning curves at the start of production. Furthermore, the Piecework Production (PAC) and Labor Cut Management (LCM) systems help to identify bottleneck operations while at the same time provides decision-making tools for corrective action in order to maximize throughput and capacity. Costs are reduced through integrating the Personal Device Launcher (PDL) enhancement by using error-free bar code data collection and automatic calculations viewable on a wireless PDA for improvements in productivity while reducing turnover and training expenses.

To complete the Product Lifecycle Management Solution, BYTE captures sales information through the Customer Order Processing (COP) system which integrates with the complete package along with The Production Order Tracking (POT), Purchase Finished Goods (PFG) and Finished Goods Inventory Control systems.