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Manufacturing and Shop Floor management in the Supply Chain is a difficult and tedious task. Knowing efficiencies and productivity levels are a constant necessity in order to maintain expected costs and measurements.

BYTE offers a complete Manufacturing and Shop Floor Solution for the Apparel and Sewn Goods Supply Chains. Costing and Merchandising (CAM) allows managers to work with purchasing and engineers to design and plan for contract bidding and price points to retrieve the maximum revenue benefits possible. This works along with Modsew® Accurate™ to set the design and production guidelines.

Piecework Apparel Computer (PAC), Automatic Cutting Incentive (ACI) and Payroll with the built-in Group Incentive System tracks efficiencies and productivity levels while at the same time stores and communicates specified pay for employees, calculating on and on-going bases.

The Time and Attendance System (TAS) utilizes touch screen clocks with optional biometric readers which integrate with the Employee Management System (EMS) to verify clock-in and clock-out times as well as for facility security purposes.

All of these solutions utilize an enhanced build-on Personal Device Launcher (PDL) which is a wireless hand-held device system enabling supervisors and managers to access data and reports in real-time directly from the Manufacturing and Production floors.