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Apparel Business Model Software

Although many firms make up the apparel industry, not all business models are the same. BYTE recognizes this and thus has created tailored ERP Software solutions for each of the Apparel Business Models: Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, Cut-Make-Trim, Full Package, On Line Retailing and Government Contracting and various combinations thereof. From Sales through Shipping.

Each of these apparel business models has their own degrees of productivity and efficiencies; measuring each at different points of the apparel manufacturing and production stages. The BYTE Team professionals understand these separate models through direct apparel industry experience, and are ready to partner with you to provide the best apparel software solution and customize these solutions to provide greater positive impacts.

Whether your bottom line is impacted greatest by cost of goods sold, apparel inventory, raw materials, labor and personnel, pay incentives, production tracking, quality levels or all of the above, we have a tailored solution to fit you needs
Make To Order
Solutions for costing, bidding, bill of materials and bill of labor.
Make To Stock
Solutions for customized bar coding, monitoring inventory turns, cost of goods reporting and managing finished goods.
Full Package
Solutions for tracking POs, sourcing and finished goods.
Cut Make Trim
Solutions for reporting on and tracking raw materials as well as inventory control systems.
Govenment Contracting
Solutions to monitor production through Option numbers and Contract numbers, bill and hold and release holding inventory.