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BYTE's apparel software suite has grown from piecework payroll, using barcode data collection, and shop floor control modules to include Apparel Quality Control, standard data engineering (MODSEW) for setting rates and a wide range of business solutions. These solutions include ERP software for the entire apparel manufacturing and sewn products supply chain. Byte has specialized in Apparel Software Solutions for over a quarter century. Our many modules can be custom configured for your business model and provide REAL-TIME consolidated information from plants, vendors, contractors and engineers, both off-shore and domestic. The BYTE team has accumulated over 100 years of real apparel and textile industry experience and is prepared to bring you the tools and solutions needed to keep your company growing. The software suite also includes import and global sourcing modules.
What's unique about Byte's Apparel Industry products is that all of their modules are built on a structure that incorporates a STYLE-SIZE-COLOR matrix predominant in the sewn products industry.

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