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Shop Floor Control (PAC)

The Piecework Apparel Computer (PAC), Byte's shop floor control module, is the heart of Byte's Apparel Software Suite and the piecework payroll system. PAC is available in flexible configurations for single plant to multi-plant with central cutting / remote sewing sites. PAC uses bar-coded bundle tickets to keep track of work-in-process, scheduling, cut status and tracking, production "bottlenecks", and employee efficiencies. In an Apparel Industry Magazine poll Byte's piecework software ranked #1.
    BENEFITS That are essential to effective Shop Floor Control.
  • Maximize Throughput: PAC helps identify bottleneck operations and gives management the tools to make decisions to correct these problem areas.
  • Balance the plant as never before: PAC's work-in-process and bundle-tracking power gives your supervisors and plant management the tools to fine-tune every operation.
  • Improve Employee Efficiencies: PAC provides employee, department and plant efficiencies in a format that allows proactive management.
  • Reduce Excess Costs: PAC gives you excess cost reports by department and plant to help you identify where problems lie. Is it make-up, overtime, machine delay, transfer at average,..?
  • Work In Process: Track WIP and keep up with when cuts are due to ship, what has been completed and what is left to be done.
  • Flexible Configurations: PAC is available in various configurations to blend with the way you manufacture.