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Cut-Make-Trim Manufacturing

Cut-Make-Trim is an Apparel Manufacturing Contractor's business model where the customer supplies the raw materials (fabric, trim, & packaging) and the vendor supplies the labor expertise to make the finished product. The vendor must be superb at managing their shop floor including their customer's raw material inventory. Shop Floor Control means getting the most from the vendor's work force including high labor efficiencies, low excess labor costs, exceptional quality, and quick turn times. Having the optimum work in process (WIP) levels are important to offset the large amounts of capital tied up in unfinished goods.

Efficient raw material inventory management, by customer, is crucial for a competitive advantage. Knowing each of your customer's inventory levels by item in a real-time scenario directly impacts response time. Seeing what inventory levels will look like in advance based on incoming & future production orders gives a forecasted picture as to material requirements. In addition, reporting the status of inventory levels to the client in an efficient manner is crucial.

    Using Byte's Apparel Manufacturing Software and our Cut-Make-Trim Solution enables our clients to:
  • Maintain a separate raw material inventory by customer down to the bin level.
  • Set Min/Max levels for specific raw material items.
  • Perform physical and cycle counts for each individual customer.
  • Produce raw material net position reports looking several weeks in advance.
  • Report back to the customer inventory levels by item.
  • Monitor excess labor costs & efficiencies by plant and department.
  • Monitor work in process levels & production bottlenecks.
  • Perform in-line and final quality audits at the bundle level with statistical charting.
  • Follow the status of production orders from beginning to end.
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