Product: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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apparel software, shipping validation, order processing, customer order processing, Electronic Data Exchange As part of its Apparel Manufacturing Software the Byte PC-based Electronic Data Interchange EDI Software System extends data communications beyond inter-company networks to customers, suppliers, and vendors.
Today's apparel manufacturer is seeing a trend toward small-volume orders from a larger number of accounts. This places stress on order processing and invoicing, which are paperwork-intensive. Managing back orders also adds burden. Also, many manufactures are utilizing EDI with their vendors for sending raw material purchase orders and receiving advanced ship notices (ASN).
When selling finished goods, sometimes simply having "EDI capability" can mean the difference between a sale booked and a sale lost to a competitor. However, EDI by itself is not the total solution. It must be integrated with Byte Customer Order Processing and Shipping (COP) and/or Purchase Raw Material modules to operate efficiently. It makes no sense to print out electronic orders and then re-key them into another system. The more orders you receive, the less efficient and more error-prone such a system becomes. The Byte software extracts maximum performance from EDI technology by seamless integration throughout all corporate administrative functions.
    BENEFITS of Byte's Apparel Software Suite that are essential to effective Apparel Manufacturing Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing.
  • Reduced paperwork. System receives all orders electronically and sends all invoices electronically.
  • Fewer errors. No key entry is necessary; data entry cannot be skipped and data cannot be lost. An audit report detects any missing SKU, pricing or address information.
  • Improved internal efficiency. The system frees people to spend more time on customer service and less time sending purchase orders to vendors, receiving finished goods, or processing customer orders.
  • Makes possible faster response. High -speed modem transfers replace low-speed mail and faxing of documents. You receive orders and process invoices faster and cash flow improves.
  • Reduced administrative overhead. EDI cuts clerical time because processing of orders and invoices is faster. You can streamline your staffing.
    The Byte EDI software module accommodates all the standard principal documents used by major EDI partners, including the 850 Purchase Order (for both raw materials and finished goods), the 856 Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) (for both raw materials and finished goods), the 810 Invoice, the 864 Text Message and the 997 Functional Acknowledgment.

    Byte gives you flexible options in how you set-up your EDI program. If you feel comfortable writing document maps, then use your own translator and mapping program. If you require Byte to supply document maps, then we can help. Byte uses Sterling Software's GENTRAN:Director ® or GENTRAN:Server ® products for translation and mapping. You pay on a per trading partner, per document map basis.

    The Byte software takes EDI to the next level by integrating these documents into the Customer Order Processing (COP) and Purchase Raw Material (PRM) programs. COP automatically uploads all purchase order information received via EDI. It checks data integrity and audits the database for missing or incorrect SKU, price or address information. COP then summarizes all orders received. In the event of an error, an audit report is printed detailing all errors so they may be corrected.

    In the shipping function, COP prints UCC-128 case labels for each case. Shipping clerks scan the cases using hand-held laser scanners and download the data back to the network. COP automatically prints the packing slip, bill of lading and creates an invoice record. The system automatically transmits an ASN to the customer's EDI mailbox, detailing case numbers and SKU information. The system also automatically manages back orders.

    Byte's EDI software also automates the purchasing and receiving or raw materials. As raw material vendors begin adding EDI to their operations, you will be able to transmit orders and receive advanced ship notices electronically. By transmitting the raw material purchase order and receiving the advanced ship notice from the vendor, it will greatly increase the speed and accuracy of purchasing and receiving raw materials.
Are you committed to improving your competitiveness? If so, Byte will help invigorate your plant. Contact us today for more information. We're ready to enter a mutually profitable partnership for you!
Current EDI Documents
810 - Invoice
816 - Organizational Relationships (location address)EDI
820 - Remittance Advice
830 - Planning AdviceEDI
832 - Catalog
850 - Purchase Order (for both raw materials and finished goods)EDI
852 - Product Activity Data (Point-of-Sale)
856 - Advanced Ship Notice (for both raw materials and finished goods)EDI
860 - Purchase Order Change (Print Template)
861 - Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate (acknowledging 856 shipments)EDI
864 - Text Message (Print Template)
869 - Order Status Inquiry EDI
870 - Order Status Report
997 - Functional AcknowledgementEDI
EDI Versions Include
3010, 3020, 3030, 3040, 3050, 3060, 4010 (depending on trading partner)
Ask for our Current EDI Trading Partner Profile, which details trading partner and version information
UCC-128 case label included with ASN for each Trading Partner