• Each employee is issued a PROXIMITY SWIPE ID badge. (with Barcode for TAS on reverse side).
  • Each Shift has designated times for access authority
  • Each employee is assigned to a shift schedule. The shift schedule defines start / end times, as well as lunch breaks; and may have +- authorization times affixed thereto..
  • Each employee may have unique authorization times on their employee record..
  • A record is kept of all access swipes.
  • A Web Actuated Relay controls the customer provided door hardware.


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Time and attendance systems are not created equal. The problem with most time and attendance systems is they cannot effectively manage the off standard situations that regularly occur in sewing plants and provides real-time attendance reporting. And what if an operator transfers to another department? Can the system not only report the department change, but also manage the costs associated while the employee works in that department? This is where TAS, Byte's Time and Attendance System, comes in. TAS is an add-on package to the Piecework Apparel Software module (PAC) Shop Floor Control and incentive payroll system. It effectively manages all the day-to-day exceptions found in a sewing facility.
The TAS system includes Touch Screen data collection terminals (used as an electronic time clocks) connected to the network via a LAN or WAN. This all comes with the software that processes the collected data and an optional bell ringing actuator.

All of these software modules are part of Byte's ERP Software Suite for the Apparel Manufacturing Industry.

That are essential to effective ERP Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing.
  • Speeds record keeping and cuts payroll department costs. No more punched time cards, manual summarization of time, and matching of time card with gum sheets.
  • Eliminates data entry errors. No more keyed entry of hours by the payroll department.
  • Provides information fast. Attendance reports available first thing in the morning.
  • Biometric Fingerprint verification. Eliminate Buddy Clocking.
  • Random Verification option.Speed up clock in and out queues
  • Relieves time clock congestion and increases productivity. Employees spend less time in lines and more time working. Companies have seen as much as 75% reduction in the time it takes operators to get to their work station.
  • Each employee is issued a bar-coded ID badge. Whether the employee is paid hourly or by piecework, the TAS system can handle it. Even group incentive is possible using TAS.
  • An electronic time card file is populated with each swipe of an ID badge. Even if the communication connection to the time clock is lost, employees can still swipe their badges because each clock can hold approximately 1000 transactions!
  • Each employee is assigned to a shift schedule. The shift schedule defines start / end times, as well as lunch breaks, and how overtime is calculated. There are also algorithms to tell the computer to round up, down, or to the nearest 15 minutes, for example.
  • Not only do production employees clock in and out, they can also clock for department changes and off standard situations. Each of these categories of time are captured and are matched up to the scanned bundle tickets.
  • The payroll department scans employee gum sheets, and then runs the "Auto Time" function. This program matches the bar-coded bundle ticket information with the in and out times and off-standard times recorded in the electronic time card file. Any discrepancies are recorded and reported. The payroll department can then audit the areas and make changes where necessary.
  • At the end of the week, the payroll department processes the hourly employees by running "Auto Time" again. This process automatically creates payroll vouchers for each of these employees.