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Product: Group Incentive System (GIS)

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apparel software, shop floor control, group incentive There are many jobs that are more efficiently handled by a team rather than an individual. In some cases it takes more than one to handle an item. In others the work load does not balance itself with individual operations and some operators must shift around within the team to keep the work flow smooth. Modular Manufacturing is based on team work. Group Incentive is the foundation for this.

Byte's Group Payroll Software allows employees to be grouped together in group departments to work as a team to build a group “pot” from which each employee’s pay is calculated based on their contribution to the “pot”.

There is a Criteria program to set up formulas to calculate pay for employees that work in a group. There are two types of criteria, Group Criteria and Employee Criteria. The Group Criteria determines how the group "pot" is built. In other words, the Group Criteria determines how the money is accumulated for the group. The Employee Criteria determines how the "pot" is distributed among the group members. Additionally an employee's indvidual efficiency can add a bonus to their group earnings.

Byte's (GIS) is an option to their Apparel Manufacturing Software Suite is targeted to the Apparel Manufacturing Industry but is suitable for most modular, lean or team incentive systems.

  • Group Transfers: Using TAS, Employees may be transferred individually or in mass to another group.
  • Pay Incentive: Is calculated by group and distributed automatically to the individuals in the group based on criteria determined by a user determined formula that can be set with up to 4 conditions that which must be met prior to the calculation being performed.