Gross Payroll
w/ PAC
w/ GIS
w/ TAS
w/ EPS
Automatic Bar-code Scanning for Payroll
Customized On/Off Standard Pay Formulas
Employee Attendance History
ManualAutomatic Prod. HrsAutomatic Time Card
Cost Reporting by day or week
Indirect (Weekly)Direct/Indirect
User-defined Learning Curves
Net Payroll
w/ PAC
w/ GIS
w/ TAS
w/ EPS
Check Printing
Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Reports
Federal & State Magnetic Media Reporting
User-defined pay descriptions, deductions, tax tables
Executive Payroll
Group Incentive Payroll
GL Account Reporting
Direct Deposit
Optional Apps
w/ PAC
w/ GIS
w/ TAS
w/ EPS
Production Labels
Real-Time Shop Floor

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Piecework Payroll

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apparel software, piecework payroll, shop floor control, incentive payroll, group incentive, Payroll Payroll (PAY) is Byte's incentive payroll software system for piecework, hourly, and salary paid employees. Payroll is available in flexible configurations for single plant to multi-plant payroll. For incentive pay, Payroll is integrated with the shop floor control (PAC) module and uses bar-coded bundle tickets or Bundle tags for the Real-time version, to determine how much each employee or group of employees (if paying by group incentive) has worked. Once bar-coded bundle tickets have been scanned and the hours entered ( automatic and instantaneous in the Real-Time version) ) or generated from Byte's integrated Time and Attendance (TAS) module. This information is then applied to user-defined pay formulas to determine the employee's pay. For hourly paid employees, the number of hours worked is entered or generated from Byte's integrated Time and Attendance (TAS) module and then the system calculates the Gross and Net paid. For salary paid employees, the system automatically generates a payroll voucher each time payroll is processed.
That are essential to effective Apparel Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing.
  • Incentive Pay: Scan employee clock numbers, On-standard coupons, pay formulas, and department changes. Scan between 3,500 and 7,000 coupons per hour!
  • Real-Time Data Collection: Eliminates manual scanning of coupons.
  • Group Incentive Pay: Pay employees incentive pay based on the performance of their workgroup. Group Payroll (GIS) is an integrated add-on feature to the Shop Floor Control (PAC) and Payroll (PAY) modules.
  • User-defined pay formula: Powerful flexibility by defining on or off standard pay types. Split incentives, jump bonuses, and more!
  • Hourly Pay: Pay hourly employees by entering the employee's hours or automatically process the employee's clock-in and clock-out swipes from Byte's Time and Attendance (TAS) module.
  • Salary Pay: Automatically create salary employee's payroll voucher when processing payroll.
Payroll (PAY) provides numerous functions to help you increase the efficiency and accuracy of your entire operation:

apparel software, piecework payroll, shop floor control, incentive payroll, group incentive, Payroll
  • Absentee analysis: Report absent employees once work time is entered. The system allows entry of absentee codes and whether they are excused or unexcused. Unlimited history kept.
  • Gross and net payroll: Take payroll all the way to Net including 401K, company match reports, cafeteria plan, insurance, and other user defined deductions.
  • Print Checks: Print payroll checks on your company's pre-printed payroll check forms
  • Direct Deposit: Direct deposits can be set up for as many as 10 different accounts per employee.
  • Export to 3rd party payroll processing entity: Stop at gross pay and export to another payroll system (i.e. ADP)
  • Export Payroll Information into Accounting: Once payroll is complete, simply export the payroll information into your accounting system.

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